Liamin/Barsuk unable to reach to semifinals lost over Italian

rusriobvitaRio de Janeiro, Brazil. August 16, 2016. Nikita Liamin and Dmitri Barsuk unable to reach to semifinals after losing to Italian Daniele Lupo and Paolo Nicolai with a 1-2 (18-21, 22-20, 11-15) at Copacabana Beach Arena on Monday.

Dmitri Barsuk, Russia
“Not everything we planned to do worked. I think we performed pretty well and better than usual. They took some risks on the serve and they played off.

Nikita Liamin, Russia
“We will see how we go next year. We will go home to Russia and sit down and summarise how we did at the Olympics.”

Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Quarterfinals – Copacabana.

Nikita Liamin/Dmitri Barsuk (RUS) vs Daniele Lupo/Paolo Nicolai (ITA) 1-2 (18-21, 22-20, 11-15)

Photo by FIVB

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