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Serbia destroyed Russia in the quarterfinals without GONCHAROVA in the last set

rusrioqfsrbRio de Janeiro, Brazil. August 16, 2016. Russia didn’t showing quality performance against Serbia with a 0-3 (9-25, 22-25, 21-25) in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games in Maracanãzinho venue. In opening set of Russia immediately lost their momentum with embarrassing result 9-25, first ever quick set closed by Serbia...

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Sokolova: I believe in our team, our girls who are always fighting to the last

sokoloval5The legendary star player and former player of the national team of Russia, Lyubov Sokolova shared her comments on the eve of the upcoming match in the Olympics quarterfinal, Russia vs Serbia.

– ” The match will be extremely serious and tense. Serbian national team is a strong contender that has been showing good results continuously.

I think that the head coach of Serbia,...

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Shcherban: We had a huge potential to win

shcherban1Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Though Brazil and Russia are guaranteed a place in the quarterfinals no matter who won today, it did not affect the excitement and intensity of the match that both teams delivered the highest quality of volleyball game to the global audience...

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Russia lost focus over the hosts Brazil and will face Serbia in quarterfinals

rusriobraRio de Janeiro, Brazil. August 14, 2016. Russia lost focus over the hosts Brazil in the last pool match with a result 0-3 (23-25, 21-25, 21-25) of the group stage of Pool A of the Olympic Games in Maracanãzinho venue. Natalia Goncharova keeps the record as the top scorer by scoring 19 points, Tatiana Kosheleva scored 12 points.

In the quarterfinals round, Russia will fa...

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